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Argan Oil : Cuticles

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Berber Vitality Blog/Argan Oil : Cuticles

Using argan oil for your cuticles can help keep them moisturized and promote healthy nails. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to apply argan oil for cuticle care:

  • 1. Start with Clean Hands: Begin with clean hands and nails. You can wash your hands or use a gentle sanitizer to ensure cleanliness.
  • 2. Dispense a Small Amount of Argan Oil: Depending on the number of nails and cuticles you're treating, dispense a small amount of argan oil into the palm of your hand. A drop or two for each finger is usually sufficient.
  • 3. Rub Between Palms: Rub your palms together to distribute and slightly warm the oil. Warming it up makes it easier to apply and enhances absorption.
  • ​4. Apply to Cuticles: Using your fingertips, gently apply the argan oil to your cuticles. Focus on massaging the oil into the base of your nails and the surrounding skin.
  • ​5. Massage In: Use circular motions to massage the oil into your cuticles. This not only helps with absorption but also promotes blood circulation, which can be beneficial for nail health.
  • ​6. Allow Absorption: Allow the argan oil to absorb into your cuticles and nails. This usually takes a few minutes.
  • 7. Use a Cuticle Stick (Optional): If you have a cuticle stick or an orange stick, you can use it to gently push back your cuticles after applying the oil. This is an optional step and should be done with care to avoid causing damage.
  • ​8. Apply Before Bed: For an intensive overnight treatment, apply argan oil to your cuticles before bedtime. This allows the oil to work its magic while you sleep.
  • ​9. Reapply as Needed: If your cuticles feel dry or you notice any hangnails throughout the day, you can reapply a small amount of argan oil to keep them moisturized.
  • 10. Include in Your Nail Care Routine: Incorporate argan oil into your regular nail care routine to maintain healthy cuticles and promote stronger, more resilient nails.

Argan oil's moisturizing properties can benefit the delicate skin around your nails, preventing dryness and promoting overall nail health. Regular use can contribute to smoother cuticles and healthier-looking nails. Adjust the quantity based on your nail care needs, and enjoy the nourishing effects of argan oil!